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ITERO® Digital Impression System

Join us for a free digital scan and orthodontic treatment simulation. See what orthodontics can do for you!

Technology is amazing and 3D scanning has changed a lot of things in orthodontics. The iTero intraoral scanner is a compact, hand held wand uses radiation-free optical scanning to digitally capture the teeth, gums, and bite. By capturing hundreds of thousands of data points per second, we are able to produce a perfect 3D digital model of your mouth in minutes.  It is safe, fast, accurate, easy, and most importantly it is comfortable to the patient. The digital scan replaces the need to take goopy, gagging impressions for diagnostic models used to study the teeth and bite and finalize the ideal treatment plan.

In addition to diagnostic models and digital treatment planning software, the 3D scan can be used to start Invisalign treatment, fabricate orthodontic appliances, or even make retainers. Digital impressions also give patients the ability to see their teeth and bite instantly and allows us to then show a before and after simulation of their treatment plan. This improves communication during the consultation and treatment planning process. Being able to visualize how your teeth and bite will look after orthodontic treatment puts patients on the path to the smile they have always wanted.

To see the iTero intraoral scanner in action, watch the following clip:

iTero intraoral scanner benefits for Invisalign:

The iTero scanner can be used for any orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign. Dr. Williams uses the iTero Scanner to provide the best service to patients who want Invisalign. The accuracy of the scanner results in 7 times less fitting issues for Invisalign patients so you can rest assured that each set of aligners will fit your teeth properly.

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