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Retainer Program

After orthodontic treatment, retainers are essential to preserve your beautiful smile. We include one set of retainers in our treatment fee. But let’s face it; retainers get lost, broken, and grungy. Having multiple sets of retainers can be handy. Now with digital technology and 3D printing, we are able to offer a multiple retainer package at an unbeatable value. If you are interested in our retainer program, just ask for current details and pricing.

Benefits of having multiple sets of retainers

  • Ensures that if a retainer is lost or broken that there is replacement set on hand so the orthodontic result will not be compromised
  • Good for kids who travel between two households (keep a set at each house)
  • Good for kids heading away to college or boarding school
  • Good for adults who travel a lot for work (just keep one set in your suitcase)
  • Provides you with a fresh, clean set of retainers when needed
  • Digital scans are more accurate than alginate impressions reducing or eliminating possible remakes
  • Unbeatable value of multiple retainer packages compared to single sets made in office
  • Provides you with a 3D printed durable plastic model that can be reused for additional retainers in the future

How long do I have to wear my retainer?

Teeth Whitening

Now that your teeth are straight, do you want your teeth to be whiter? We can help you whiten your teeth with a professional strength whitening gel. We use your retainers as the whitening tray, so whitening is as easy as asking us for the gel.

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