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Virtual Consultation Request

To schedule a virtual consultation:

  • Please click here to see our detailed instructions on how to take good quality photos of the face, smile, teeth and bite. 
  • When the photos are complete, click here to upload them to our office.
  • Our treatment coordinator will then contact you to finalize your appointment.

Virtual Consultation

  • This Zoom meeting is a convenient option for busy schedules or families that live a greater distance from the office.
  • Requires patients to first take a set of photos of the face, smile, teeth and bite according to our detailed instructions. Photos must be sent to us at least 1 day prior to the virtual consultation so that our treatment coordinator has time to review the case with Dr. Williams to acquire treatment options, appliances, length of treatment, and cost.
  • Good quality photos are essential for accurate diagnosis and presentation of options. The consultation is only as good as the photos you take.
  • Treatment options discussed will need to be confirmed when the patient can be seen for a thorough exam, digital models, and any needed x-rays.
  • The exam, models, and x-rays appointment can often be combined with your appointment to start orthodontic treatment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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